D6 2GEN: A Fit for All Sizes from D6 on Vimeo.

In Late 2016, Linworth launched a new Discipleship Pathway small group curriculum. What is a discipleship pathway? It’s a way of doing spiritual formation that intentionally develops children, youth, and families on the same study track so that faith development can take place at church and in the home.

Through the new D6 curriculum, children and youth will be on the same page in their Sunday School classes and youth groups. With new adult studies, parents can also join in the same topics and conversations so that they can be better equipped to carry on faith formation beyond the one hour a week in church.

Learn more about D6 by visiting the website here.

Linworth is excited to bring this new small group curriculum to the church. If you have any questions about the Discipleship Pathway, D6, or small groups at the church, please contact the following staff members.

Children: Alisha Artis, aartis@linworthumc.org
Youth: Jessica Cavinee, jcavinee@linworthumc.org
Adults: Rev. Matt Yoder, myoder@linworthumc.org