Rev. Mike Slaughter, author of our Extravagant Generosity study materials, proposes that we can have a single spiritual birth, followed by “multiple conversions.” Pastor Matt, during a recent sermon, talked about God’s love for us. This is a love that existed from the very instant our life started within our mother’s womb. God continually tries to show us this love, sometimes we are paying attention and other times we aren’t. Either way, we always have the ultimate gift to reflect on as proof of God’s love, the gift of his only son, Jesus.

As we prepare to start our new study, we need to consider how we define and demonstrate our love for God. Mike Slaughter suggests we can show it with an “intentional commitment to self-sacrifice for the well-being of others.” A conversion can occur when we begin to see ourselves as producers of God’s blessings in the lives of others, as opposed to being just beneficiaries of the blessings we continue to receive from God. Might there be another conversion when we no longer see ourselves as sacrificing, but rather giving back to God out of pure love and with pure joy?

Have you known a love, possibly for a spouse, child, or friend that has you freely offering your time, talents and financial gifts without hesitation, without regret, and without a sense of sacrifice? Might these acts have occurred even without any real decision at all, because it came so naturally to you… you just wanted to help and keep helping. Hopefully this time of church-wide study can offer us new ways to consider the great potential of our love for others and for our church.

– Roger Blocher