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What is it that gives wealth purpose? Could it be recognizing where it could do the most good?

It is suggested that God gives us seeds from which to develop the wealth of our talents and special gifts. Are we using our gifts and talents to do the most good? Immigrants have been in the news for many years, recently from politicians referring to them as though they are human weeds to be removed from the garden we know as the United States. These are people to whom God has also given beautiful seeds. How is it that we can even think that God gave all the good seeds to people who were born to parents of US citizenship? While in Philadelphia this weekend, the Pope encouraged recent immigrants to the U.S. to not be discouraged by the challenges they face. “I ask you not to forget that like those who came before you, you bring many gifts to this great nation.”

Janet and I had the privilege of the visiting the Tenement Museum in New York on Saturday. There were some great stories about immigrants that had every right to be discouraged by their treatment, yet lived through it to become US citizens who really appreciated their citizenship. (Please consider adding this to your “to-do list” when you get a chance to visit NYC.) Whether immigrants or not, there are so many people here in Columbus that have no one to remind them that God gave them beautiful seeds too. If we only see weeds we may miss an opportunity to help someone find their own wealth. Mike Slaughter encourages us to remember that God releases “heaven’s resources” through us. Said another way, he is encouraging us not to go to church but to be the church.

– Roger Blocher