In our August sermon series, we will be exploring the functions of the Psalms in our scripture.

These three weeks of discipleship gatherings, will be reflecting on the Psalms sermons and going a little deeper, with Wednesday morning and evening virtual gathering options.

Week 1 (Aug 12th)  – Psalms as Praise
Week 2 (Aug 19th) – Psalms as Petitions
Week 3 (Aug 26th) – Psalms as Lament 

Each week will:

  • Highlight Psalms of the listed genre
  • Engage contemporary creative counterparts of Praise, Petition, or Lament.
  • Invite participants into spiritual practices with the Psalms (i.e. prayer, reflective reading, writing, etc.)

This study will be led by Pastor Sara and Amelia Shearer, and will be offered at 10am or 7pm:

Register for the 10am group:

Register for the 7pm group:

Please e-mail Pastor Sara with questions (