Communion, Baptism and Confirmation

Communion – Linworth United Methodist Church celebrates open communion on the first Sunday of each month at both worship services. All those who welcome Jesus Christ as Savior into their hearts are welcome at the table.

At the appropriate time in the service the ushers will direct you to come forward along with everyone else in your row or pew and receive the bread from one of our communion servers and dip the bread in a common cup of grape juice before partaking. You will then follow the person in front of you back to your seat. Allergy-free bread is available during communion. Generally the choir/band sing music during this time of personal meditation.

Baptism – Linworth United Methodist Church celebrates baptism for infants, children, youth and adults during our worship services 4-5 Sundays each year. Adults choosing to be baptized and parents of infants/children to be baptized are encouraged to attend a baptism study session at 11:30am on a Sunday prior to the baptism. Adults and youth choosing to join the church who have not been previously baptized will be baptized as part of the membership ceremony. To download a brochure, click here. For more information please contact Children’s Minister Alisha Artis or Associate Pastor Matt Yoder.

For more information, you can read By Water and The Spirit, which is the official United Methodist Church document on baptism.

Confirmation – Confirmation at Linworth is scheduled every other year for 7th and 8th graders and is led by the Pastors and Youth Director Jessica Cavinee.

The goal of the confirmation process is to give youth an interactive experience that prepares them to make a personal commitment to Jesus Christ. At the end of the process youth may choose to make a public commitment in worship and become a member of Linworth UMC.

Our next confirmation cycle begins Fall 2019, please contact Jessica for more info at