(The following message also appeared in the 5/1/20 edition of our e-newsletter, The Lantern)

The Pastors, Staff, and Leaders will be working in the upcoming week to align our plans for gathering in the church building with the advice of state leaders and the guidance from our Bishop and Annual Conference. Please remember that currently we are under stay-at-home orders and encourage you to only leave your home for essential purposes. 

“Our return to public worship is not, and never should be, based on our own comfort, desires or preferences. It is based on our fulfilling God’s mission and purpose for us, which is loving God and loving others… To be faithful, we are called to be willing to do what is best for others, even when it means we must make sacrifices.” (Excerpt taken from the West Ohio Conference Guidelines. To read the full statement, click Here: https://www.westohioumc.org/sites/default/files/conference/documents/pdf/news-item/return-public-church-guidelinesapril-30-2020.pdf

Thankfully, throughout the pandemic we have been able to worship publicly through our live-streamed worship. While we work through phasing back into life in the fullness of community, that digital worship platform will remain central so that those who are at-risk or are simply not ready to return to the physical space of Linworth UMC can remain rooted in community. 

As always, we will be in communication when our plan is ready, but even then we understand that any plans we make are subject to change for the sake of wellbeing, safety, and health. 

Draw the Circle Wide,
Rev. Anna Guillozet~
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Senior Pastor