“If I were to be responsible for guiding souls in the right direction, I would urge everyone to be aware of God’s constant presence, if for no other reason than because His presence is a delight to our souls and spirits.” -Brother Lawrence

Pastor Matt spoke about two types of waiting during our Sunday morning worship. He spoke of waiting for something with a fear or dread, like results for medical tests. Pastor Matt also talked about how we can wait for something with an eagerness or joy, such as the coming of an infant. ‚ÄčAdvent is our season of waiting. Waiting for the birth of Christ.

While reflecting on Pastor Matt’s message, the world has crept into my mind. San Bernardino. Chicago. Syria. Now, I’m not that old, yet in my time there has been war, hunger, plagues, natural disasters. It’s easy to feel heavy in the midst of waiting for the world to find peace. And yet, we are called to be a people of peace. Light and salt of the Earth, His people bringing the Kingdom of God here on Earth.

Brother Lawrence was a monk who believe that we should, daily, practice being in the presence of God. What if everything we do, from dishes and laundry to serving food to the hungry and even our jobs, we did with delight as if doing it in that moment just for God? Imagine how excited you would be if you knew that Jesus were coming to your home. Would you not wait with enthusiasm? Perhaps you would make sure things were just right by cleaning a little extra or cooking a favorite meal.

We are reminded in Advent to eagerly await the arrival of our Savior. He came as an infant, humble in a manger. God’s people had waited.They hoped and prayed and trusted. We are still God’s people. We still hope and pray and trust. As we wait for Christmas, amidst this imperfect world, let’s raise our voices to praise the King of Kings. Let’s recognize the gift it is to delight in God’s presence. How are you waiting? Are you rushing through this holiday season begrudging it all? Or are you excited for all that can happen during this holy season?

– Youth Director Jessica Cavinee