Today was a special day at Linworth as we were able to be blessed by the Children’s Christmas Musical at one of our worship services.

Preaching the gospel of Christ is one of the great privileges of my life, but there’s something so very special and meaningful when that gospel message of Jesus comes from children.

Jesus taught that we must “change and become like little children” to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  There is such power in that message, but to see it come to life in such an inspirational way from the children themselves, really speaks to my heart.

There was no more jubilant time of year for me than Christmas.  I loved everything about it – from the Silent Night candlelight to the time spent with my grandparents and of course the presents! (Our family gets a good laugh out of replaying some of our Christmas morning “highlights” from through the years.

I reflect on that and wonder, could I be that excited and enthusiastic for Christ today? Could I even be that enthusiastic about Christmas? With all of our responsibilities and busyness, sometimes Christmas is a holiday where we merely try to keep the loosely tied strings of our life all together.

There’s a reason why Jesus lifted up the little children, though. Because in their faith is true faith. In their joy is true joy. And if we could just reclaim some of that spirit as we grow older, then the presence of God’s kingdom will truly be in our midst.