An Invitation to Come to the Table

In the wake of nationwide unrest, tension, and violence, a group of clergy in Greater Columbus felt a call to stand together and sew seeds of unity in the local community.
The group Dialogue for Change has emerged as a way for people of faith to seek a way forward for our communities that is centered in the love and grace of Christ and the peace and justice of the Gospel. It was created as a safe and healthy space where people could come together for a conversation.
It started with a prayer service at Linworth led by our Lead Pastor Curnell Graham and fellow area clergy leaders held on June 12th at Linworth after the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. On that evening, 40 clergy and laity from the Greater Columbus area came together for a time of prayer and witnessing.
After police officers were killed in Dallas and Baton Rouge and nationwide tensions remained, another meeting was held on July 18th at Linworth to continue the conversation. At that meeting, 17 laity and clergy gathered to explore a possible faith response to the events happening throughout the country and an avenue for the local community to come to the table.

The goal for the group is to find ways to promote equality, understanding, justice, and peace in our neighborhoods and our country in a continuing series of meetings and activities.

If you’re interested in the next scheduled dates for this continuing conversation, please contact Pastor Graham at cgraham@linworthumc.org or the Linworth church office at 614-336-8485.

All are welcome to attend and be a part of a dialogue that hopes to change our communities for the better.