There are a lot of challenges to life in the social media age, but one of the things I love is the month of November on Facebook. So many people on my friends list, Christian and non-Christian alike, take the 11th month to list 30 things they are thankful for. One per person per day, my feed becomes like a virtual Thanksgiving table around which we name thanks and blessings before digging in. For a brief interlude, the political and divisive posting stops and I relax into the thanks of others.

I have made a commitment to my life and spirit to spend a moment each day thanking God for a blessing or challenge. While I won’t list them all here, today’s blessing was the community at the Linworth’s Children’s center. My own child is among the many who spend their days here. I often feel as I walk through the second floor hallway that I am her accessory instead of the other way around, and I am not upset by it. The teachers all offer a friendly “Good Morning!” to her before they do to me. She greets her friends (even stopping by the Whales class to hug her little bestie). She is lucky to have as much space in this church as I do as one of the church’s pastors.

LCC’s Gift Fest is coming up (you should join us), and I am excited to go and exist in a space where I am more my kid’s mom than I am a pastor. While I love both roles so very much, it is important and helpful for me to be able to be both in this space.

The community at Linworth United Methodist Church is one that will honor and recognize every role that we have and welcome the person who carries those roles. We are not what we do. We are not the sum of our relationships. We are not our jobs. We are beloved children of God, and God who loves all of us siblings gifts us with roles so that we can support one another in this life, providing reasons for others to be thankful.