I’ve shared in worship that when we are inviting a friend/family member/coworker, etc. to worship or a church activity, the best way is to not simply invite, but to frame the invitation with support and follow up. For example, I would say to my friend, “I would love to pick you up for worship on Sunday!” or “I always park in the corner of the parking lot near the playground, so I’ll be there 10 minutes early to walk in with you.”

For the time being, invitation will look as different as our life together worshipping in community.

Now, let me pause to define myself generationally. I am a millennial (commonly defined as those born between 1981-1996). A hallmark of my generation is that we grew up with technology. This does not mean that the technology always existed, it means that (as I’ve sometimes heard it described) technology is like our little sister. Technology grew right alongside us millennials. What this means is not that millennials are always the most tech-savvy, but it does mean that we will learn as we go, trying and failing without fear until we reach our end result.

Also, let me confess: I use social media a lot both for my job and for recreation. I became comically frustrated the past few weeks when a parishioner who is more blessed with years than I am, was hosting a Facebook “Watch Party” of Linworth’s live-streamed worship service. The reason for my frustration? I could not, for the life of me, figure out how to do it!

But yesterday! Yesterday I was live-streaming worship on my cell phone (I like to comment/participate online when I’m not leading a portion of the service), and I had been asked by a friend to remind her about worship. So as I was live-streaming, I realized I hadn’t reminded her! Using my phone, I clicked the “share” button in the midst of the service and TA-DA! Facebook asked me if I wanted to start a watch party.

And you know what? As soon as I started that watch party, 6 of my friends and a few (geographically) distant relatives tuned in!

Imagine how much more likely a person would have been to engage if I had taken a moment to share just why I love worshiping at Linworth United Methodist Church.

So if you, reader, are a person who worships at Linworth: Why? What do you love about the community, and how will you share that in this very odd season of life together?

Here are some ways we thought of to share Linworth with friends, family, and the community in this season, be sure to comment with your own ideas!

And if you are checking us out as a visitor (or perhaps relative of one of our pastors… Hi, Aunt Mary!), please know that however we worship, you are welcome here.  

Draw the Circle Wide,

Pastor Anna