Group Handouts:

This year for Lent, we’ll be gathering for Sunday night small groups during the month of March. We make space for ourselves when we fast (give up) something for the six weeks of Lent. We’re inviting members of each small group to use that space to take up a personal practice or learn more about improving an area of wellness in their life. The five groups will focus on the following areas, and each person will be invited to find something meaningful for them personally that fits within the broader topic:

  • Group 1 – Physical wellness
    • Examples: trying new forms of exercise, making time for familiar exercise, learning about nutrition, dietary changes, etc.
  • Group 2 – Spiritual practices
    • Examples: prayer practice, scripture reading, meditation, etc.
  • Group 3 – Conscious consumption
    • Examples: environmental impact, ecotheology, fair trade practices, carbon footprints, etc.
  • Group 4 -Financial well being
    • Examples: budgeting, financial goal setting, spending freezes, etc.
  • Group 5 – Social wellness
    • Examples: Continued work with Enneagram (after our workshop!), healthy boundary setting, self care, family dynamics, deepening friendships, etc.

Our gatherings will have the following format:

  • Meet & eat – each household should plan to bring a dish to share. The kitchen team has generously agreed to provide a main dish for each gathering (thanks team!)
  • Group devotional – lead by Shelby, Christine, or Pastor Anna on the evening’s topic. These will build on the sermon series teachings.
  • Group meetings – groups will be given a set of questions and discussion points to work through together as they relate to their area of focus.
  • Closing and send off for the week!

To register, please fill out the following form, or contact Shelby Elliott (she/her/hers) with questions.