Sunday June 25th, 10 AM Worship

Featuring special guest: Bishop Gregory V. Palmer

This year Linworth United Methodist Church commemorates a 20 year journey on the corner of Bent Tree and Federated in northwest Columbus with our debt retirement celebration. The history of this worshipping congregation dates back to the late 1880s when Linworth was once known as “Elmwood.” The Linworth United Methodist Church was at the time known as “Bright’s Chapel,” named after the pastor at the time.

The first building to serve this congregation was located at 2424 West Granville Road and is now the Linworth Village Bookshop. At the time, Linworth was a rural farming community as part of a Methodist circuit.

In 1955, Linworth entered into the second major chapter of its history when the decision was made to build a new church on land bought at 6200 Linworth Road. During this time, the church experienced tremendous growth as Columbus and its suburbs continued to expand.

By 1995, Linworth UMC was again looking towards ministry needs of the future and a larger space. After much prayer and deliberation, our current location was purchased in 1996 and the ground-breaking ceremony was held on October 6th of that year. On December 7th, 1997, the consecration service was held with Bishop Judith Craig officiating. Artist Ken Valimaki created a beautiful new and award-winning baptismal font and cross that are still widely-known symbols of our church to this day.

In the past 20 years at Bent Tree and Federated, Linworth has been focused on its mission to improve lives locally and globally through the transforming power of Jesus Christ. One of the most amazing blessings at Linworth UMC in this chapter of our existence has been the growth of the Linworth Children’s Center. Launched in 2000 with 38 kids, the program has now grown to serve over 300 kids every year and is renowned as the leading children’s center in the West Ohio Conference. The ministry of LCC has allowed the church to reach new families in new ways with the love of God. Nowadays there isn’t a day that goes by without the church bustling with activity from so many kids and families that are a part of our wider church family.

Linworth also marked a milestone with the creation of our “New Connections” contemporary worship service, which has also reached many new families over the past several years. With our new multi-purpose sanctuary, we have been blessed to have a space that fits both traditional and contemporary worship and can be used for other events like the bi-annual Garage Sale, which continues to be a Linworth tradition like no other.

These years have not just been marked by new and growing ministry at the corner of Bent Tree and Federated, though. The missional heart of Linworth beats stronger than ever as we have reached out to partner with new ministries in the Hilltop neighborhood of Columbus and in Laos in recent years. By the grace of God, these missionary endeavors have brought the church once known as Bright’s Chapel to places it could have never imagined all those years ago.

Now Linworth UMC looks ahead to our next chapter in ministry. If the last 130 years are any indication, God has some incredible things in store for our future. May we as the people of Linworth United Methodist Church continue to be guided by God’s providence, rooted in the love of Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit to live out the Gospel and change the world.