I manage a lot of logistics. While I am not the sole manager of any of them (except my meal schedule, which is of utmost importance), the balance of family calendar, work schedule, and keeping up with friendships often seems like an endless array of juggling appointments, places to be, things to do, and people to meet.

I was running with a girlfriend a few days ago who was trying to figure out her peculiar friend, the pastor. As I shared (ok… probably ranted…) about all of the logistics of my life, I confided with her, “Sometimes I just want to say, ‘Even if this doesn’t get done, Jesus will. still. be. born.'”

She laughed out loud.

It is true though. We often get so wrapped up in the logistics of our holiday preparations and celebrations that we forget that Jesus entered this world outside of logistical considerations. People were on the move for the census. There were deadlines to be met and places to be. Mary was in the midst of her life and Joseph was, too. And without consideration to everything happening, God was born. Not into a room in the inn booked long before setting out… not into the home of family… but into a stable.

Not only does God not rely on our preparation, sometimes I think God chooses to show up in spite of our preparation (or lack of it).

So where could you let some logistical stress go this season for the sake of Jesus?