It has been a few Mondays since I have shared with you in this space… Sorry about that! 

Today is a Monday like most Mondays around our office. We’re debriefing from yesterday’s worship, recording the attendance and offering, starting the preparations for the upcoming week, and generally doing the busy-work of life together in the church. 

Today, we’re also having our new phone system installed. It feels a bit chaotic.

You may have noticed, if you have called in the last few months, that our messages were out of date, not reflecting staffing changes. We could not access the message center to change them and update our information. It was frustrating to hear people report to me that the previous Senior Pastor’s name is still listed in the voicemail. The frustrating part was not the reporting or the previous pastor, but the feeling of helplessness in the lack of ability to change it.

It is hard to not have yourself recognized, even if simply on a voicemail greeting.[1] 

Linworth United Methodist Church is a Reconciling Community (you can read our welcoming statement here), which means that we are striving to be a place where every person who enters our community is recognized for the whole of who they are created to be. Thanks training sessions from Equality Ohio, our staff and congregation has been learning about the practice of sharing pronouns. If you are not familiar, you can read more here

In my email signature, I include my pronouns. I have also started to grow in my comfort of asking folks to share their pronouns with me, so that I can mirror God’s welcome and ensure that I recognize and respect the person in front of me. Linworth’s Reconciling Ministries Team is committed to the task of helping the whole congregation grow in our welcome, and as a result you may begin to see pronouns listed in new places. If you would like to practice asking a person their pronouns, I would challenge and invite you to try it out on me in worship this week! 

Draw the Circle Wide, 
Rev. Anna Guillozet (she/her/hers)

[1] This phrase will help you understand how very much an Enneagram type 3 I am. If you want to know more about your own type and why 3’s are so interesting, you should join us for our workshop February 21-22. Register here.