We don’t stop playing because we grow old;
we grow old because we stop playing.

George Bernard Shaw

I see this quote each time I go to my gym, and it makes me pause each and every time I read it. It helps me remember that “old” isn’t a number, it is a mindset. Some of the youngest people I know are the most advanced in years.

I had the awesome opportunity to play this weekend, spending Saturday at Camp Wesley with Linworth’s incredible group of students and volunteers. We played some truly ridiculous games, as one does at youth group events, that called me to set aside pride and get to laughing.

What surprised me about Linworth’s students, though, was that they play hard and they think hard. The games were a laugh riot, obviously, but the students also dug into the theme of the weekend and learned about grace. The Bible studies were robust, the worship was passionate, and the conversations were profound.

I think so often we perceive that discipleship is all serious business of waking up early to pray and study scripture, and while that is the case for some of us in some seasons of life, discipleship is also about the ways that we share the journey with those around us. The students and their leaders reminded me this weekend about the value of studying scripture together, but also of laughing and playing together.

I hope this week you can find a time to relax and play in God’s presence. Laugh! Better yet, find two friends to hold a donut on a string and give a game a try.