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The Prayer Team at Linworth strives to make this ministry a safe place for Linworth families and their friends to share their needs and concerns and to feel comfortable in making that need known to the Prayer Team. The Prayer Team is a ministry of intercessory prayer. The team is committed to praying for those with prayer concerns as soon as the members of this prayer ministry are made aware of the need. Please complete the information below and write the request in the box provided.

If you would like your prayer request added to our prayer list, please fill out the form below or use the email link, .

If you need a Pastor or a Stephen Minister to pray with you or to contact you, please call the church office at 614-336-8485.

If you’d like your prayer to be lifted up by the Prayer Team, please contact Eileen Reidinger at and include “Prayer Group” in the title of the e-mail.

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