Funny Story:

I have this uncanny way of being appointed to congregations who have just published their photo directory. For the years I’ve been in ministry, my family had not been seated for a directory photo session, nor did I have the privilege of being in the directory as pastor. That was, until, I went to Church of the Master in Westerville. Though I did not have the timeline to have my professional photo taken, I squeaked in while an outdated photo of myself to be listed on page one. It was lovely.

But every time I went to visit a person who had not been to church in a while, I got the same response. “You do not look the same as that photo!”

As much as we like to think that we do not change that much, the miniscule day-to-day changes are compounded by those who do not see us often. Multiply that by a few hundred, and you get a church community.

I get it. I do not like to be confronted by the realities of no longer being as young as I once was. I dread having my photo taken as much as the next person. But hear the words of your pastor:

There are people who want to see your face. There are people who want to know your name. There are people who will join this faith community who will benefit from you overcoming your hesitancies.

Our directory is one of the most welcoming tools we have for ministry. When a person joins our faith community, they are gifted with the names and faces that will support them just like many of you have been supported. When they welcome a new child into the family… when they have surgery… when they lose a spouse or parent… when they transition into or out of a job or marriage… You are the faces they will look toward.

We look forward to not only our new directory, but your face in it!

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