First, a big thank you to all who participated in our recent “Growing Young” Assessment! The hope is to use this information to help strengthen the ministries of our congregation for our children, youth, and young adults. Should you have any questions about the results of this assessment, please contact Mike Ratliff ( or Pastor Anna (

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Growing Young Assessment
Linworth UMC
Executive Summary

The Growing Young Assessment is an academically-validated survey tool that provides a snapshot of the culture in a congregation at a point in time as it is reflected by those who participated in the assessment. It is based on significant research that identified six strengths present in churches who are effectively involving young people in their ministries.

The assessment was available to the congregation January 5-19. One hundred and forty-five congregation members completed the online assessment. Fourteen participants were below the age of 30, forty-one were in their 30’s and 40’s, with the remainder being 50 and older.

Key Takeaways:

Jesus’ Message – The church is perceived by all groups as being strong in sharing the message of Jesus’ love.

Warm Relationships – Young people feel known and loved by members of the congregation. This is also reflected by the adults who participated.

Best Neighbors – Enabling young people to “neighbor well” (outreach) is an area that received a medium score. This suggests opportunities to connect youth with engagement beyond the walls of the church – locally and globally – should be enhanced.

Keychain Leadership – The score in this area was low and indicates the church is struggling to empower young people as leaders. Providing space for young people to grow as leaders in the congregation should be an emphasis of future ministry.

Empathy Today – The low score in this area reflects the need to help the congregation as a whole move beyond judging and criticizing those who are young and find ways to step into the shoes of this generation.

Prioritize Everywhere – The lower score in this area indicates a challenge to give attention to and allocate resources for young people across the life of the congregation. Consideration of the effect on young people in all decisions of the church increases the likelihood that young people will be present and participate across the breadth of church ministries.

The highest rated statements say that Linworth is a hospitable, trusting, accepting church with a strong sense of community that encourages people to live their faith in daily life and has a high priority for serving those in need. This is affirmation of the work that has been done and the way ministry happens at Linworth.

The lowest rated statements had to do with including young people in leadership and prioritizing them across the church. These areas should be the immediate focus of attention for those in leadership in the congregation.

Participation in this assessment and the other work currently being done to identify a vision pathway for ministry with young people in the congregation are an important step toward enhancing current ministries and strengthening future ministry with young people through Linworth United Methodist Church.

Click here to download a PDF/printable version of this information.