Today I was immediately transported back to Camp Trinity on the outskirts of Upper Sandusky, Ohio, where Mrs. M., Mrs. C., and many other faithful leaders led the Vacation Bible Schools for the years that I was young. I stood in the back of Linworth’s sanctuary and watched my own small daughter mimic the motions of the big people around her, my heart sang.

After the opening, a few awesome VBS volunteers and I stood around chatting about our own childhood experiences. Longer in the past for some, the memories are still vivid. The communities in which we were raised imprinted upon us not only the stories of Jesus, but the sense of community which is meant to accompany the Gospel.

I’m astounded at the number of volunteers and the amount of energy the facilitating not only one, but two VBS sessions this week takes. It is a sight to behold, and I hope you’ll think about joining us in volunteering and in worship on Sunday. You, too, will get to lean on the everlasting arms with some new motions. And when you do? Think about the little voices that join you in singing. She is a 4 (and a half) year old who may be president someday. That shy guy? He may be your surgeon. The rowdy ones who cannot keep herself off of the steps of the chancel? She may be your pastor someday. The group of troublemakers in the back? They may be the community organizers which finally bring about the change that you’ve waited your whole life for. And the best part? They will do it all with the foundations of faith and community that they learned here: from us at Linworth United Methodist Church.