Facing mortality & nurturing abundant life.

Dying, Christ destroyed our death.
Rising, Christ restored our life.

“A Service of Death and Resurrection” – United Methodist Hymnal

If you’ve ever been to a funeral in a United Methodist church, you’ve likely heard this familiar refrain at the opening of the “Service of Death and Resurrection.” There’s a certain comfort found in the familiarity of these words, in times of grief, pain, and uncertainty. While the familiarity of our liturgy has the power to ground us, providing stability, and connection to the past, sometimes it also allows us to miss the transforming power of walking into uncertainty and sitting with our discomfort. This year for Lent, we invite you to on a journey to explore how facing mortality can actually nurture in us abundant life.

We’ll be doing this in a few ways:

  1. Ash Wednesday Service – February 26th @ 7pm
  2. Sunday morning sermon series – “To Die For”
  3. Personal lent fasting practices
  4. Sunday night small groups (Sundays in March – More info here) focusing on…
    • Physical wellness (movement, nutrition, etc.)
    • Spiritual practices (prayer, scripture reading, etc.)
    • Conscious consumption (environmental impact, ecotheology, fair trade practices, etc.),
    • Financial well being (budgeting, goal setting, spending freezes, etc.)
    • Social wellness (Enneagram, boundary setting, self care, etc.)
      Sign up for groups here – we’re looking for group facilitators!

We hope you’ll join the LUMC community in one or more of these activities, and that you experience spiritual depth & renewal as a result.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Shelby Elliott (she/her/hers), Membership & Outreach Director
Rev. Anna Guillozet (she/her/hers), Senior Pastor
Christine Hiester (she/her/hers), Traditional Music Director