Well, I think I’ve unpacked almost everything in my office that needs unpacking. What I haven’t unpacked yet, however, is all that resides in my heart. It is tremendously difficult to leave a congregation as pastor, and it is an incredible honor to be welcomed by another. The past few weeks have been a roller-coaster of emotions for me. I think that more often than not we are spending more time trying to move past whatever emotion we are experiencing instead of recognizing that emotion for what it is and what has brought us to experience it.

So for now, instead of some great theological musing (because it is my hope that we have plenty of opportunity for that in the weeks, months, and years to follow), I’ll just leave you with a note of the humble gratitude that my family and me share after our welcome into the community of faith at Linworth United Methodist Church!

Draw the Circle Wide,
Rev. Anna Guillozet ~