What is a United Methodist Church?

United Methodism is like other Christian denominations in the belief of “Faith in God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”

“Open hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors” are descriptors of today’s United Methodist Church ( Diversity is an integral part of the United Methodist Church because our members come from many ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. Our opinions and our interpretations of scripture are also diverse. As members of the United Methodist Church we seek acceptance and love in our diversities and through our faith.

Our church is aware of the need for the extension of this acceptance and love for the entire world. We believe in caring for the sick, feeding the hungry and clothing the needy as exemplified by Jesus. Here at Linworth UMC our beliefs are summarized as:

  • God loves and forgives everyone. Lives are changed through God’s love and grace.
  • The Bible gives inspiration and guidance for relationship building as well as spiritual development.
  • Jesus, God’s Son, is the example for how we should live.
  • Jesus Christ sends us into the world to love and serve others.
  • Life, now and forever, is offered to every person who believes in Jesus Christ.
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